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Logos is one of the pillars of London’s Boxed prism, as well as a celebrated solo producer/DJ, and is also known as 1/3 of the cyberpunk-inspired trio))) The Sprawl, alongside Shapednoise and Mumdance, with whom he runs the Different Circles label and club events.

Across releases for Keysound Recordings, Tectonic, Glacial Sound and his own label, Logos’ productions persistently recall the lush sci-fi darkness and space of late ’90s Metalheadz and Reinforced records, whist isolating and augmenting the mechanics of esque-y instrumental grime and early, ‘ardcore rave in a style he aptly terms Weightless.

This year has seen Logos's highly anticipated second full length finally arrive via Different Circles. Following on from 2013's cult classic, 'Cold Mission', Logos brings us 'Imperial Flood' - "an exploration of dark and altered pastoral material, drawing on the trance-inducing agrarian topography of eastern England interpolated through modern speculative literature including writing by Jeff VanderMeer, Christopher Priest, Lando and JG Ballard, via influences as diverse as the Erosion and Chain Reaction back catalogues, experimental computer music and the late-90s drum and bass minimalism of Photek, Digital and Spirit."

Whilst this new record is a departure from the first in its scope of exploration, Logos's singular approach to production and sound design remain a constant which reinforce the breadth of his talent and gives rise to that intaginable sense of place which exists in his work.

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