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Klein Press Pic © Josiane M.H. Pozi.jpg

South London based musician Klein is an artist who’s neoteric vision has seen her quickly become one of the UK’s most intriguing and unpinnable producers and performers. Her often playful and restive approach to composition is instantly alluring. Samples of obscure Nigerian B-Movies clatter into jagged beats. Distant piano loops lurk in the haze whilst beguiling vocals fade in and out of the sensory World she has created.

This year has seen the release of her debut album Only, self released online and then on heart shaped diamond USB stick by DIY label Howling Owl Records, and more recently the Lagata EP that has led her to be featured in Dazed and Confused, Wire, and i-D magazine; the latter of which premiered the beautiful Akinola Davies JR directed video for Marks Of Worship – a stunning five minutes piece of murky ambience dominated by a Whatsapp sermon sent from a Nigerian Aunt. You would expect nothing less from Klein.

#3 Wire Magazine records of the year for Tommy
“While she may borrow from R&B and pop, Klein’s output has more in common with the abstract impressionism of Jackson Pollock. Such intensity makes Tommy a difficult and even exhausting listen, despite a running time of just 25 minutes. But as Captain Beefheartand the Shaggs have shown in the past—and as Klein demonstrates now—stepping off the musical path that leads to standardized perfection can prove hugely rewarding.” PITCHFORK (#17 best experimental albums of 2017)

“What she accomplishes with her sonic molding — her way of “placing” sounds and melodies together that would be traditionally incompatible — is to express a multitude of emotions simultaneously.” FADER

“Klein’s latest EP Lagata is a natural progression from Only, but it takes her sound to the next level as unsettling, hi-def glitches rumble loudly and vocal trills show off her range even more impressively. It’s a vivid work.” – DAZED AND CONFUSED

“Listening to experimental producer and vocalist Klein’s debut album Only is like taking a trip to a destination unknown; her empyreal vocals, her warped ambient sounds and clashing so-wrong, so-right rhythms are the only signposts” – i-D MAGAZINE

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As a sound reference for what may come, she mentioned her own 2016 track “Gaz City,” from Only, with its stark piano chords, dusky vocal runs and minimalist electronic soul. I made a tentative comparison between the sound of Only and pre-superstar era James Blake. Klein was audibly, hysterically gassed at the thought of riding a similar arc to pop recognition. “Imagine if I stepped into that world,” she laughed. “It’s a wrap. At the VMAs. Doing a song with Shawn Mendes! It would just be like the early 2000s all over again. You know, when pop music used to be weird.”