foldings by lee gamble & dave gaskarth



by Lee Gamble & Dave Gaskarth


For the London outing of their Foldings project at Tate Modern, Lee Gamble and Dave Gaskarth presented it as a constructivist assemblage. Real world imagery is folded into virtual terrains, new digital landscapes are mapped and music and sound design are pinned to these hyperreal spaces. Foldings reframes satellite mapping as contemporary landscape painting, GPS maps as abstract architecture and weather patterns as kinetic sculpture where location recordings and sound design entangle as psychogeographic symbols side-chained into Foldings own constructivist geometries.

Each show is uniquely designed to take elements from the geography of its performance, using sound and satellite data to expose connections through the unfamiliar perception of an outsider.

Previous projects in Montreal, Moscow, Cairo and Barcelona become chapters in an unfolding narrative. Scale and distance are questioned and compressed. Locations and audio are disconnected from their nation states and cultural baggage is re-contextualised. Social spaces have different personal connections for those who inhabit them to those who simply pass through them.